Made to Stick

By Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Have you ever wondered why conspiracy theories, urban legends and bogus health scares spread quickly and easily around the world, while businesses, politicians, academics and journalists can struggle to get their important and factual stories read and shared? Made to Stick looks at why some ideas thrive while others die, the things that make information stick in our brains and how you can use these to make your own messages more ‘sticky’.

Written by brothers Professors Chip and Dan Heath, this New York Times bestselling book goes through the six qualities that make ideas stick, summarised with the acronym SUCCES. Each chapter is devoted to one of these qualities and uses easy-to-digest explanations and examples to show how they work.

Made to Stick SUCESs

Made to Stick is great for marketers, who constantly have find new and better ways to communicate messages and tell stories. The variety of provocative, eye-opening and funny examples or how people and organisations have made their points sticky is truly inspiring and there’s lots of useful advice on how you can also change your target audience’s opinions and behaviours.

Open QuotesThe curse of knowledge is the great villain in our book. And it turns out that researchers who have studied this, the psychologists and economists who have looked at this phenomena, say that expertise is certainly a good thing. Expertise is what allows you to get the right answer in the first place. But it turns out that when we’ve become experts it becomes hard for us to imagine somebody not knowing what we know. And so the curse of knowledge is that as soon as we become experts, we’ve become bad communicators because we can’t really imagine the position of our audience.Close Quotes

– Chip Heath

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Or read through over 90 different examples of how the Made to Stick principles have been used in marketing.


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