IFTTT (If This Then That) is an incredibly useful free online tool that lets you easily connect services, apps or devices to create automated actions, without knowing any code. You can choose from hundreds of different tools and social media networks, which makes it great for busy marketers who are looking for ways to automate fiddly or repetitive tasks.

How can marketers use IFTTT?

Marketing jobs today are more complicated than ever before: the rise of digital has given us more ways to share content, monitor customer behaviour and report on data than ever before, but it’s virtually impossible to do everything. IFTTT takes away a lot of the spadework, making life much easier for marketers.

For example, you can use IFTTT to easily:

• Share new content automatically on multiple social networks
• Share testimonials, positive reviews and customer comments
• Create alerts around your mentions of or searches for your brand name
• Monitor posts by your competitors
• Monitor changes to a specific website (you’ll also need an account with Visual Ping for this)
• Keep on top of trends and get ideas for content

How does IFTTT work?

IFTTT works by letting you create ‘applets’, or tiny programs connecting services using triggers and actions. Here’s how to set one up:

1. Once you’ve registered, click on your username in the top right corner and select New Applet.

You’ll see this:

if this then that applet

2. Click on +this, choose your trigger service, or the thing that will start the action happening, and connect that service to your IFTTT account.

3. Next, click on +that to configure the action for your applet, or what it will do when triggered. IFTTT will give you customising options (or ‘add ingredient’) for most actions.

4. Click on Finish. You can then check if your applet is working correctly by clicking on the Check Now button.

If you want to browse the full set of services on IFTTT, you can click on the Search tab to see categories for the services or visit the All Services page for a full list.

Clicking on a service will show you applets others have created using it, which you can choose to use and adapt. There’s also a link at the bottom of the page to show all the triggers and actions associated with that service.

For loads more great ideas on ways to use IFTTT for marketing, visit this page or this page.

To try it out for yourself, set up your free account on IFTTT. If you already use IFTTT, let us know your favourite applet below.


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