Marketing recruitment in August

Is August actually the best time to recruit?

August has traditionally been seen as the worst month for recruitment and it’s thought that candidates are far more interested in planning their holidays than looking for a new job. But companies still need to hire skilled marketing talent. For those employers looking to hire in August, the summer slowdown can actually represent real opportunities.

Your vacancy stands out

Q1 and Q4 are typically the peak times for hiring, with thousands of marketing jobs advertised. Recruiting in the summer when there are fewer other vacancies being advertised means your role is more likely to stand out and get a better response. If you’re looking for high quality marketing talent, they are more likely to apply to your role in August than in September.

Having less competition for candidates also means that you don’t have to worry so much about your favourite interviewee getting other offers and being poached by your rivals.

Summer schedules help jobseekers

Summer work schedules are typically far more flexible, with lots of employees taking time off for holidays or leaving earlier to take advantage of the weather. Jobseekers have more free time at work and less supervision if their boss is away, which means more time for job searching. Those elusive passive candidates, who are not actively looking for a role, are also more likely to be receptive to being approached about a role when they’re not being rushed off their feet.

It’s also likely that candidates will find it easier to attend interviews, as they’ll be much less conspicuous taking time off or leaving early.

There’s an influx of graduates

If you have any entry level roles to fill, then summer is absolutely the best time to recruit, as there’s lots of eager new college graduates out there looking for their first role.

The slower summer schedule means you may have more time to devote to recruitment, so can afford a slightly wider job search. Even if you’d prefer a candidate with more experience, opening opportunities up to new graduates may result in an excellent new employee who can be trained up to the role.

Things to bear in mind when recruiting in August

To get the most out of your recruitment in August, here are a few tips:

  • Candidates are more likely to be out of the office and viewing your job ads on mobile devices. Keep ads and communications short, simple and mobile-friendly.
  • It may be easier to keep in touch with candidates through text or instant messaging, rather than phone calls or emails. That way, they’ll get your message right away but won’t have to respond immediately if they’re out and about.
  • Be flexible where possible with interviews to allow for candidates with summer childcare issues or holidays booked. Or consider using video interviews.
  • Don’t post your job on a Friday afternoon when people can’t wait to leave the office. Wait until first thing Monday instead and you’ll get a better response.
  • If you have some spare time, consider freshening up the employer branding on your careers page and social media.
  • Finally, if you are using contractors to fill in workforce gaps over the summer months, why not consider using this as a trial run for permanent employment?

Smart companies know that summer can actually be a great time to recruit the best marketing talent with less competition, making sure their teams can hit the ground running in the autumn. If you’re looking to fill vacancies this August, the Tarsh Partnership can help! Get in touch on 020 7849 6875 or

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