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  • Is it too easy to apply for a marketing job?
    Louis Williamson
    Pioneered by Indeed and LinkedIn, the one-click job application button has been rolled out to most job boards and career sites, and movement from Facebook and Google into the jobs market is only likely to make them even more prevalent. The idea behind these buttons is that they
  • A Practical Guide to Interviewing Marketers
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    This free guide from The Tarsh Partnership will explain the best interview techniques to help you hire a marketing superstar. How to prepare for a marketing interview What kind of questions work best in marketing interviews Which questions you can’t ask in an interview How to sell your
  • How to use your recruitment consultant 101 – The Screening Interview
    Louis Williamson
    How do you go about finding a new job these days? There’s the old-fashioned way – nepotism or who you know – and there’s the new-fangled way – online and social networking. Then there is the recruiter. That eternal go-between, stuck between the demands of the client and
  • Can I be a wild-card?
    Louis Williamson
    A few days ago a candidate approached me about a role we were blind advertising. It was a senior role in the retail PR world. He had a strong CV in lots of ways – some retail experience in his dim and distant past, but most recently a
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