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  • 5 Steps to Improving Candidate Experience
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    With low unemployment and a record number of vacancies, attracting the right calibre of candidates has become the UK’s number 1 recruitment challenge. The experience a candidate has during the recruitment process can make all the difference to your ability to hire the right marketers. Discover: The UK
  • Christmas Marketing Quiz 2018
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
  • Top Articles of 2018 from the Tarsh Partnership
    Adam Tarsh
    Each week, the Tarsh Partnership publishes an article about careers, recruitment or trends in the UK marketing sector. Below are our most popular articles from 2018. We hope you find them useful! Career Advice Articles Infographic: Writing the Perfect Marketing CV What do I need to get an
  • Is your job spec too tight?
    Alex Hooper
    The latest UK labour market figures from the Office for National Statistics show that unemployment is continuing to fall while job vacancies are rising. With Brexit about to turn off the tap of EU migrants, employers are going to struggle to attract the right candidates for their roles.
  • New from the Tarsh Partnership Group: CareersinAudit
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    Does your organisation hire audit, risk, compliance, cyber security or governance professionals? If so, you may be interested in using the multi-award winning CareersinAudit group of job boards, now part of the Tarsh Partnership family. The CareersinAudit Group, consisting of four specialist job boards, is the world’s leading online career
  • Tarsh Recommends: LastPass
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    Almost every website or online tool you use these days requires registration, which means lots of passwords to remember. Although there’s stacks of guidance on creating secure passwords, chances are if a password is truly secure, you’ll never remember it. We either tend to write passwords down or
  • Interview Tips – competency-based marketing interview questions
    Janine Darley
    What are competency-based questions? Competency-based questions (also known as structured, behavioural or situational questions) are some of the most commonly used in interviews. They are based on the idea that looking at how someone has behaved in the past is the best way to predict how they will
  • Is AI really the future of recruitment?
    Louis Williamson
    We are currently experiencing a fourth industrial revolution; one in which technologies such as the Internet of Things, robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we live and work. AI is increasingly becoming a key part of complex systems, from Siri and Cortana and
  • Do your working practices reflect your brand?
    Louis Williamson
    In today’s crowded market, one of the most successful ways to make your brand stand out is to make it more relevant to your customers. All brands are ultimately powered by the people who work for them and if your workforce reflects your target audience, you are far
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