Tips & Advice

Regular update

  • Try and let your consultant take some of that frustration away. Use them to let off steam from time to time. Keep regular contact with them and let them know how you are getting on and that you are still looking for a move.

Our consultants are working for you

  • Trust your consultant. Trust that they are genuinely investing time in your future and that they are there to help you. Be honest and open with them over your likes and dislikes; your hopes and aspirations and your progress in your job search.

Taking the weight off your shoulders

  • Allow your consultant to bear some of the weight and the pressures of the process. Let them manage the client’s expectations accurately and work with you and the client to reach a conclusion that works for you.

Great opportunities

  • Remember, finding the right job doesn’t just happen overnight. The first role that you see may not be right for you. Don’t lose faith in your ability. Each interview is a learning opportunity. Listen to feedback and take it on board.


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