Our Candidate Promise

  • We’ll conduct an in-depth interview – ideally face-to-face
  • We’ll understand your experience, achievements, personal style and aspirations
  • We’ll give feedback and be honest about whether we can help you
  • We’ll identify the best opportunities for you and give you the option of having your CV submitted
  • We’ll never send your CV out without briefing you first and you will make sure it is only sent once for any role
  • We’ll champion you to all prospective employers and do our best to secure an interview
  • We’ll arrange a convenient interview time for you and give advice on the interviewers and the interview structure
  • We’ll be available for support and advice prior to the interview
  • We’ll take all feedback from clients and communicate back to you as quickly and as accurately as we can
  • We’ll manage all follow-up interviews through to job offer and acceptance with honesty and integrity at all times
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